Facts about C-section and Normal delivery every women must know

Facts about C-section and Normal delivery every women must know

Human birth is truly a miracle. It can be performed in 2 ways: by normal delivery or a C-section. The gynecologist is the one that chooses the best method according to the health of the baby and mother. Here, we’re going to present you the pros and cons of both delivery methods.

Vaginal (Normal) delivery

Pros for the mom
Women who gave birth vaginally have shared that their experience is better from a psychological point of view. Many women feel more confident going through a vaginal delivery. Moreover, the period of recovery for a regular delivery is shorter compared to the C-section. Finally, the regular delivery provides the mother and the child with the opportunity to bond right after the baby comes out.
Pros for the infantBabies born with vaginal birth are able to make a contact and thus bond better with their mother right after the birth. During the vaginal delivery, the muscles around are more likely to squeeze out the fluid from the baby’s lungs, so there are fewer chances that the baby will face some breathing issues. Also, these babies get a dose of healthy bacteria through the birth canal of their mother and thus their immunity can be boosted and their organs get safer.
Cons for the motherThe vaginal delivery is not easy at all, it’s very painful and it takes time. The vaginal delivery is also risky because sometime woman are not able to generate enough thrust for the baby to get of the uterus. This condition can be fatal for both the baby and the mother.

C-section Delivery

Pros for the mother
The C-section doesn’t come with a lot of advantages but knowing that you must have it leaves a lot of time to prepare for the procedure mentally. The only advantage is the shorter time to give birth. It is also less painful than normal delivery.
Cons for the mother
C-section requires staying at the hospital for 2-4 days averagely if everything goes well. The procedure increases the risk of blood loss and infection as well, and some studies claim that women who gave birth with a C-section start breastfeeding later. The recovery period is long as the area needs time to heal properly. The risk of death is also increased.
Cons for the baby
Some babies have respiratory problems when delivered by C-section. There’s also the possibility of problems with anesthesia or nicking the baby. These cases are rare, but still, exist.
Many factors may influence the decision and the choice is yours. The C-section is specifically required in some cases and the procedure must be carried out even if the vaginal birth is preferred.

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